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Clarity and Certainty

Your Lowest Cost Leak Management Solution

Problems are always less expensive when detected sooner. Use EnviroTRACE to proactively test and maintain the integrity of your assets.

EnviroTRACE provides clarity and certainty for major oil and gas companies across Canada, as well as to government and municipal sectors, and small businesses.


We test all types of infrastructure and assets including pipelines, tanks, ponds, liners, gas lines, water and sewer lines, municipal utility lines with the most advanced leak detection technology.

Benefits for Oil & Gas and Pipeline Facilities:

  1. Real-time accurate reporting on asset integrity
  2. Test pipelines without down-time or disruption to flow, assets do not have to be out of operation to test
  3. Maintain government compliance requirements
  4. Avoid unnecessary dig-ups
  5. Identify and isolate leaks that could result in lost revenue and cause serious environmental impacts
  6. Greater control over your maintenance budgets

Benefits for Municipalities:

  1. Test and validate the quality of your assets
  2. Investigate and identify leaks before they cause serious damage
  3. Prevent unexpected flooding, sink holes, environmental damage and road closures
  4. Save operational budgets from unexpected expenditures

What We Test