Experts in Advanced Water Leak Detection

One of Earth's Most Precious Natural Resources

How It Works

Our water leak detection services:

1. New! Learn more about FIDO Ai: the world’s First acoustic leak detection device!

2. Flowtrace for water leaks:

Our fully inert, non-hazardous Quantifiable Tagging Agent (QTA) tracer gas will detect and pinpoint any and all leaks regardless of size.

  1. We begin by inserting the QTA without requiring any downtime of your infrastructure
  2. In the event of a breach or leak, our highly-sensitive microelectronic sensors will detect any escaping tracer gas vapours.
  3. We then identify any areas of concern and mark them for repair

Advanced Leak Technology

Our advanced leak detection has the ability to identify and locate leaks in all types of water infrastructure. Use it to:

  • Prevent unnecessary dig-ups
  • Reduce loss of construction productivity
  • Reduce repair costs
  • Decrease environmental damage

Learn more about our other services:

Let EnviroTrace Save You Time and Money On Costly, Hard-to-Find Water Leaks

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