Advanced Oil and Gas Leak Detection

Be Proactive. Use EnviroTRACE.

20 Years In The Making

Imagine the confidence that comes with ensuring the structural integrity of impossibly large pieces of infrastructure in remote areas.

Imagine the ability to clarify if you have a leak and find where it is to its exact location, within a centimeter.

EnviroTRACE has worked for 20 years on the science needed to make this scenario a reality.

Whether we are testing long sections of underground pipeline in remote terrain, gas lines, tanks or ponds, we can detect and pinpoint with complete accuracy any leak to the parts per quadrillion*.

*Based on services used

Our Advanced Leak Detection Services:

Take action before big problems happen.

EnviroTRACE helps you see the invisible and determine what is happening underground quickly and effectively.  This gives you the chance to proactively react and fix a problem before it becomes a major environmental issue.

  • Avoid the guess work and cost of unnecessary dig-ups to find a leak
  • Prevent serious environmental damage from leaking pipelines or infrastructure
  • Detect the smallest leaks before they become a big problem

Use EnviroTRACE’s data and technology to make informed decisions.

Use Technology to See the Invisible

How It Works

Inert chemical tracers are seamlessly added to pipelines and other types of infrastructure including:

  • Tanks (AST, UST)
  • Ponds
  • Liners
  • Gas Lines
  • Water & Sewer Lines
  • Municipal Utility Lines

The tracers provide real-time, accurate data and is collected by foot or vehicle. For remote and difficult to access terrain (such as mountains), we can even collect data by drone.

It’s real-time risk assessment and your lowest cost total leak management solution.