About Us

Count on Data-Driven Decision Making

We are a company that believes in data-driven decision making.

Our results pinpoint critical leaks that need to be addressed.

Why We’re Different

Scientific Approach: We approach problems from a methodical, scientific basis. We take the guess work out of problem solving and apply only proven and effective solutions.

Cost Savings: EnviroTRACE is your best defense against the unknown. And the ‘unknown’ can be very expensive, when you consider the cost of unnecessary or ineffective dig-ups or facility downtime.

Environmentally Responsible: EnviroTRACE is your partner in environmental responsibility and stewardship. Our testing technology allows you to act on small problems with minimal disruption, before they have a large environmental impact.

Our Team
Our Alberta-based team has decades of experience using science to solve real problems.

Additional Client Support

tank management

Tank management programs are used by our clients to assist with asset integrity, regulatory compliance, and, inventory and asset data management.

inventory and data collection

We offer data collection and tank inventory services to clients. This involves an external visual inspection of the tank. Data is recorded, photographs taken and then entered into our tank manager software program. Once in our Tank Manager program the tank will appear in all lists and data sorts regardless of whether we have tested it or not.
This information can be made available in various formats on line or by data dump to an existing program.


Enviro Trace has developed software and procedures specific to tank testing, asset management and data collection.
Arrangements can be made to utilize this software as a web based application.
Tank assessment reports are available on-line to authorized company personnel. Clients can search for their tank information on line by our UID number or by LSD. Since early 2009 site photos have been taken and are available on-line.


Legislation Info

For questions on legislation, please refer to the following documents:

Directive 055 Discussion Document
Directive 019 Compliance Assurance
Directive 039 Benzene Emissions
Directive 055
Directive 060
Directive 066