Remote Monitoring of Storage Tanks

Manage your risk. Reduce your costs.
Our stand-alone system can monitor underground and aboveground storage tanks for product level, system pressure, interstitial pressure, and temperatures. Multiple alarm functions can be programmed into the system and can be configured to send emails to numerous individuals should an alarm occur.

This system enables you to monitor production at remote sites that have no SCADA installed or sites that have restricted or limited access. It can reduce the number of trips an operator has to make to a site, directly lowering operating costs, especially for fly-in sites.

This system can be installed on third party sites as a means of monitoring production and performance and for protecting inventory.

The system operates on battery power with a solar panel charging system; it uses satellite or cell communications to upload data.

Online Access
This data is available 24/7 on line through any internet capable device. Historical data can be downloaded as Excel files.

Data Capture
Tank operational data is captured at 10 minute intervals and is then uploaded as a data burst every 4 hours. In the event of an alarm activation, the system will immediately upload all current data, which can be reviewed to help assess the situation. The data collection and upload times can be adjusted to suit site specific requirements.
Data capture

Weather Station
The addition of a weather station can add recordable data such as temperature, barometric pressure, dew point, wind speed, wind direction and gusts. This may be valuable information for fly-in sites or for sour sites.
Weather station

The system can be customized to meet site specific operations. For example, a level alarm could be set to indicate that arrangements should be made for a truck to go to site and a second level alarm, at a higher level, can be set to prevent an overfill situation should the truck not make it to site in time.
Alarm levels and alarm notification procedures can be modified as operational situations change.

Pump Controls
Reduce chemical costs by controlling pumps.
This system allows you to remotely monitor and control chemical pumps without having to have an operator visit the site.

By utilizing communications technology similar to our remote monitoring installations you can control the 'on-off' function and run durations of a pump. This allows you to more effectively manage you chemical consumption and increases your ability to quickly adjust to changing operational conditions.

Online Access
Similar to remote monitoring, this system can be accessed from any computer or smart phone 24/7. Data logging of pump cycles is recorded and available online. This is useful for trending analysis and to confirm actual chemical consumption.